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Why Us?



Innovation- Innovative PhysicsThe need for safety in the nuclear power industry and evolving terrorist tradecraft around the Globe is constantly increasing.  We therefore feel a sense of responsibility to ensure that our range of handheld radiation detectors, dosimeters and identifiers contiue to provide enhanced security, monitoring and protection as needs evolve. 


By deploying a modular technological design, our customers have access to uniquely designed, integrated and test components. We believe in working with our customers to develop the answer to the identified problem and are innovative in our approach to achieving the optimum solution. Our team of engineers, physicists and technicians draw on their years of experience within their chosen field. Due to being a small close-knit team, communication, flexibility and quick progress is a certainty.


The structure of which we operate gives our customers a wide range of essential benefits, including:


    • Reduced cost
    • Design flexibility
    • Augmentation capabilities
    • Increased reliability
    • Unique design technology
    • Bespoke services




Innovative Physics offers real-world, bespoke packages. As a customer, you can choose to acquire our technologies in a number of ways:


  1. By purchasing off the shelf IPL radiation detection devices.
  2. By customising one of our existing platforms- OEM based
  3. By licensing the radiation detection technology from IPL to use in your own products.
  4. By commissioning projects.




At Innovative Physics, we have a tremendously qualified team of physicists, scientists and engineers who combine their technological and scientific experiences with unique ideas, thus creating world-class, practical solutions for our customers.Our Expertise


With 98% of our output being shipped and distributed overseas, the IPL team has a wealth of experience in living and working around the globe.  We understand the importance of cross-cultural differences and are extremely adaptable in both business and social environments. We also strongly believe in having a multi-cultural company. For more information on our international experience, please visit our International Experience page or contact us at .




Unique Technologies:Unique Technologies


.IPL has researched, designed and developed novel technically superior measurement and detection equipment to challenge and compete with some of the most advanced systems in the market.  IPL have successfully managed the commercial integration of a number of unique technologies, including:


    • Detector Technology
    • Readout Mechanism
    • High-level Processing
    • Manufacturing Support



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