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Hot Spot Locator


Already proven in surveys and decontamination activities in Japan, China, and Europe, Innovative Physics’ (IPL) Hot Spot Locator (HSL) Gamma Imaging technology provides much more rapid and accurate visualisation of radiation contamination.


The first product to deploy IPL’s Imaging Mask design was the Hot Spot Locator500 (HSL500™), which was developed following the Fukushima Dai’ichi Incident to assist with        clean-up operations. Now deployed by decontamination, emergency   response, and nuclear management teams across the world, the technology has proven to be quick and accurate in comparison with conventional gamma imaging techniques.


The detection speed and ability to locate hot spots of very low radioactivity levels is due to its enhanced sensitivity, while the class leading accuracy of visualising the location of the hot spot is due to advanced image processing techniques developed by Innovative Physics.


Following end-user feedback and extensive field work conducted by IPL globally, IPL began development work on the next generation gamma imaging tools, HSL-Lite™ and HSL-Lite Plus™ which were launched at the start of 2016.


Utilising IPL’s new Dynamic Imaging Mask (DIM) design, these products maintain the superior speed and sensitivity of the HSL500™, but at less than half the weight of their predecessor. The HSL-Lite™ is 6.5kg and the HSL-Lite Plus™ is 10kg, making them both easily and quickly deployable by a single person.


Furthermore, the DIM system improves the quality of the gamma image by reducing the background interference not emitted from the gamma source located in the field of view.

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