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What is your warranty policy?

The warranty time starts from the date of shipment and lasts for 12 months. During this period Innovative Physics Ltd states that all Goods will be free of defects.  If a defect within in the Goods is found during this period, we will, free of charge, repair, replace or recalibrate the purchased Goods.

What are your shipping costs?

Our shipping costs are based on the DHL website; these can change at any time.

What type of battery is used?


Battery   Type

Battery   Life


Lithium Ion

Upto 20 Hours


Lithium Ion

Upto 20 Hours


Lithium Ion

Upto 20 Hours


Lithium Ion

Upto 20 Hours


Lithium Ion

Upto 20 Hours


Lithium Ion

Upto 40 Hours


Lithium Ion

Upto 20 Hours

HSL (500,750,1000)

Lithium Battery Pack, but portable.

> 4 hours

Are products resistant to shock and vibration?

All our products are designed to meet or exceed IEC 60846. The SM1000 is designed to exceed IEC 62327.

Do your products react to RF interference to radios/mobiles?FAQs

No, our products avoid interference with radios and mobiles.

How long do orders take to arrive?

Each product has its own lead time please contact or contact us for more information.


How do I know that your products are reliable?

Our products are used by a broad range of organisations. If you need further reassurance, find out what our customers say, review the test data or contact us for a demonstration. All our products are designed to meet or exceed IEC 60846 or IEC 62327, and meet the requirements of ANSI N42.48, N42.17and N42.33. See individual product specification sheets for precise details.FAQs

Can I test Innovative Physics products and technology?

Yes, we would be pleased to provide more detailed information and provide you with prototypes to evaluate. Please contact us directly.

What type of radiation do your detectors trace?

All our products detect gamma and x-ray radiation, with certain detectors measuring neutron and beta radiation as well. For more information please see our product page or contact us for our product specification sheets.

How often do I need to calibrate my detector?

The frequency of calibration depends on each model. We usually recommend calibration every 3 years; however for more information please contact us directly.

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