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Vision Statement

Lean, Implement, Develop


We endeavour to offer novel and unique radiation sensor technologies which protect the world from damaging and harmful sources of radiation. To enable us to excel in emerging climates, we continually conduct research into the growing safety needs of society. We maintain contact with our end-users, in order to adapt our existing products into bespoke variations to meet the specific needs of the customer.  We have the competence to construct accurate, efficient, trust-worthy radiation detectors and tailored applications to complement the devices. We accommodate our customers worldwide by visiting them, giving us a distinctive and exclusive edge against our competitors. Our ambition is to become recognised globally as a reputable, reliable company specialising in novel radiation instrumentation. Our intention is to educate, guide, protect and inspire others to learn more about the radiological environments that surround us.


 Development ApproachDevelopment Approach:

Key dynamics: analyse, innovate, crystallise, assimilate and deploy

Our projects are separated into phases. Every phrase is set out with goals and objectives. Our key task is to release the solution on time and within the negotiated budget, with the anticipated end goal being to create a solution which meets all specified expectations which is ready for external testing by our customers.

We systematically analyse projects, compose teams, and optimise resources for project delivery.

Each process within the project is monitored in full visibility of the client. The Innovative Physics development methodology has been established through experience and consultative expertise. It is imperative to Innovative Physics that we achieve the defined deliverables for our customers.


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