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Radiation Detection Markets


Innovative Physics:


Innovative Physics (IPL) research, design and develop leading edge instrumentation for the radiation monitoring market.  We provide unique technological solutions to threat detection in the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosives (CBRNE), Civil Nuclear and Medical markets.   This is achieved through the combination of scientific and technological expertise, unique creativity and innovation.


IPL understand the importance of meeting the growing demand for accurate, portable and real-time safety and security equipment. Our Intellectual Property portfolio includes detector and microprocessor technologies capable of detecting ionising radiation, neutron radiation and threat identification.


Our Survey meters, radioactive isotopic identifiers and gamma imaging devices generate a reliable response. To analyse, manage and act upon this output, IPL have developed a flexible software platform, providing an advanced classification and decision support system. We provide a complete package for emergency response situations.


We work closely with our partners to ensure we are offering them the ideal security solution to an identified problem.




Innovative Physics offers a unique portfolio of novel, technically superior measurement and detection equipment to challenge and compete with some of the most advanced systems in the market.  IPL have successfully managed the commercial integration of a number of unique technologies, including:



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Commitment to our Community.Commitment to the Community


Innovative Physics strongly believe in giving promising students an opportunity to gain work experience within one of our exceptional departments. We believe that giving Electronics and Engineering students, an experience at Innovative Physics will prepare them for the next step in their career.


Being part of the Innovative Physics work experience programme, you will  work alongside a qualified team of experts, who have many years’ experience within their chosen profession. They will pass their knowledge and advice onto you and help you gain a sound understanding within the department and of Innovative Physics as a whole. With the information and skills you learn, you will be able to build on your CV and therefore enhance your employability status.  Innovative Physics has a number of departments to advance your skills; supply chain, business development, electronics, engineering, software, programming and manufacturing. If you are interested in undertaking work experience at Innovative Physics, please contact us or email


See the statements below from a previous student who enjoyed his time at Innovative Physics:


“Doing work at Innovative Physics has shown me a world of physics in industry. I have seen the process of how they plan, design and manufacture their products, which I have found to be very thorough and truly enjoyable. I would recommend anyone interested in working at Innovative Physics to take the opportunity.” – August 2014
Antony Guillet   – Isle of Wight Innovation College. 
My time here with Innovative Physics has taught me a lot about electronics and the radiation detection market. The team are always willing to give you guidance and help with anything!” -Summer 2014
Joe Burnip  – Medina High School.
“Innovative Physics was a fantastic opportunity and a great starting platform giving me an insight into engineering.” -Summer 2013Roderick Ramsdale Capper – Materials Science and Engineering- University of Sheffield.